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Right Bite

Right Bite
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Sucess Story 
Right Bite is a healthy food store needs to start his first steps, Hence we initiate from A to Z starting from branding phase reaching generating traffic phase.
First we had to go through a well-planned launching strategy started with the branding phase: 
We created the brand logo identifying what will we be, setting the strategy to position the brand accordingly. Then constantly manage everything that influences our positioning, We did it digitally on our platforms.
Then we deliver an organized hosted opening day coverage including social media coverage, influencers coverage & branding, Plus store branding as we finalized the store see throughs and danglers to be a reflection of the brand identity.


Sustaing Phase 
In the final stage, we sustained our growth conversion by performing on our main channels on Facebook & Instagram, Beside managing an on ground event which can grow our brand awareness, generating more traffic and position our brand among the competitors.


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