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AlForat Develompent

AlForat Develompent
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About the Client

Alforat has cemented its place as the leading residential and gated community developer in Alexandria, Egypt.


We were assigned to be the marketing arm who is in charge of all marketing activities either digitally or on the ground to maintain the brand image and increase the market share and customers base.


For more than 4 years, we were accountable for representing the company and its projects. We work on a remarkable theme for each project to position it in our customers' minds.

To sustain current customers, on-the-ground events were the hero. Organizing social events could easily raise positive vibes and reveal our values of creating one community.

Success Story

on behalf of targetted lead generation ads and focused messages with catchy content, we could expand sales volume and all new projects through 4 years have been sold completely. 


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